wiki:WikiStart project moves to GitHub

This is the old Trac-based project site (wiki, ticket system, source code viewer, short-order fry chef, ...).

All of this stuff has now migrated to GitHub, so you probably want to go to now and ignore the rest of this site.

Everything below here is the old site, kept (for a little while) as a landing page for people who haven't gotten the word yet. At this point we expect all future work to appear on GitHub, not here.

(Old) project site

This is the Trac site for the project. The project provides a free, BSD License, open source, complete system for the Internet Registry or ISP. It includes separate components which may be combined to suit your needs:

  • Certification Engine
  • Relying Party Cache (sometimes called a 'validator')
  • rpki-rtr protocol, to feed the data to routers doing RPKI-based origin validation
  • GUI for use by users of the 'hosted' model (i.e. customers who do not run their own CA)
  • Web Reporting Pages so you can see what your cache has found
  • Creation of pseudo-IRR data for those who wish to feed RPSL toolchains

If you're looking for the general RPKI Wiki (not specific to our software), it's over here.


See the documentation for how to download and install the code.

We now have Debian packages, Ubuntu packages, and FreeBSD ports of the code.

You can also browse the source code.


Primary documentation for the code is here, in the Trac wiki. PDF and flat text forms derived from are available in the source code repository.

Bug Reports

The ticket queue is open for public read. Please register for an account if you need to create a ticket.


Current status of RPKI system as seen by one relying party.

TLS Certificate

If you're trying to connect to this site ( using HTTPS, you may see warnings about an untrusted certificate. There's nothing wrong, this just means that your web browser doesn't know about the Certification Authority that we use.

You can download a PGP-signed version of the HACTRN CA certificate to fix this.

If you don't care about checking the CA certificate and just want the warning to go away, you can set a browser exception or just install the HACTRN CA certificate without checking it.


Hot link to information for APRICOT 2013 Hackathon.

Thanks to JPNIC, a VirtualBox appliance image is available, with documentation.

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