APRICOT 2013 RPKI CA Hackathon, Signapore

Options For Installation

FreeBSD binary packages on FreeBSD 8-STABLE

pkg_add rpki-*.tbz

FreeBSD ports

fetch -o - | tar xf -
cd rpki-rp
make install
cd ..
fetch -o - | tar xf -
cd rpki-ca
make install
cd ..

FreeBSD ports with portmaster packages

mkdir /usr/ports/local
cd /usr/ports/local
fetch -o - | tar xf -
fetch -o - | tar xf -
portmaster -Pv local/rpki-rp local/rpki-ca

Ubuntu 12.04LTS packages

dpkg -i rpki-*.deb

Configuring the CA software

  • Copy rpki.conf.sample to rpki.conf
  • Edit as needed (see comments in file and see the documentation).
  • FreeBSD: emacs /usr/local/etc/rpki.conf.sample
  • Ubuntu: emacs /etc/rpki.conf.sample

Initializing the CA software

rpkic initialize

Start the daemons: FreeBSD

  • Add rpkica_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf
  • Add inetd_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf
service inetd restart
service rpki-ca start

Start the daemons: Ubuntu

sudo initctl start rpki-ca

Dance With Your Parent

See: Command line interface documentation

  • Child sends XML to parent
  • Parent runs rpkic configure_child
  • Parent sends result to child
  • Child runs rpkic configure_parent
  • Child sends repository request to repository (parent or self, depending on child's configuration)
  • Repository runs configure_publication_client
  • Repository sends result to child
  • Child runs configure_repository

Set Up The GUI

See: Graphical web interface documentation

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